a tradition of making
people’s lives easier.

Our reputation is built on relationships made the old-fashioned way – being friendly, honest, and fair. Our family considers our customers as guests. We treat you respectfully. We’re straight-forward. And everything we do is with much care and confidentiality. Simply, we treat people the way we want to be treated.

We’re professional and yet easy going. We take pride in continuing to educate ourselves and our customers to help them make smart decisions. We’re not a charity, but we are charitable people. You can count on us to do the right thing in the right way for the right reason. And, we like to keep things simple and laugh because both are good for the soul.

Our Google Reviews

  • I visited the shop today in search of an engagement ring. Evan was so attentive and helpful. He took time... read more

    Katelyn Rowe Avatar
    Katelyn Rowe

    Nice people. Could have kept my watch and charged me to fix even though there was nothing wrong. Wound it,... read more

    Stan Luber Avatar
    Stan Luber

    This place is very amazing and also very good people that are extremely helpful and very pleasant thank you Mr... read more

    Jenelle Avila Avatar
    Jenelle Avila

    Barry's is simply the best! They truly set the new standard for pawn shops these days and I hope everyone... read more

    Ryan Sanders Avatar
    Ryan Sanders
  • Best place near boca for my watches

    William Mendez r Avatar
    William Mendez r

    AAA+ JEWELRY STORE !!! I needed a unique present for my wife and found their store on eBay of all... read more

    Elder Sea Avatar
    Elder Sea

    Beautiful jewelry, amazing customer service, everyone is so nice!! Love my earring!!

    Daphne Hood

    Vicky Rosenfield
  • These guys are great. I bought a necklace for my wife and their jeweler sized it for me on the... read more

    Jo Walker Avatar
    Jo Walker

    One of the top stores I’ve been too. I went in for one chain and left with something much nicer... read more

    Yolie Baez Avatar
    Yolie Baez

    I love this place! I love the brothers! I love the family and I love the service! Always friendly and... read more

    Gavonni Johnson Avatar
    Gavonni Johnson

    Great guys, great service... best darn pawn shop in SFLA

    EM Oglesby Avatar
    EM Oglesby
  • Excellent experience. Highly recommended!!!

    Christopher Shawn Baker Avatar
    Christopher Shawn Baker

    I lost my mother’s ring a few years ago and went to Barry’s to see if they could recreate the... read more

    Dorothy D Moon Avatar
    Dorothy D Moon

    A great family owned and operated business💎 Best wide selection of rings and jewelry with unbeatable prices 💍. Thank y'all... read more

    the man Avatar
    the man

    The owners are awesome and very helpful, I’ve been here a few times now and they’ve given me incredible deals... read more

    James Gabriel Avatar
    James Gabriel
  • Phenomenal inventory and a refreshing customer service experience. Place is exceptionally clean.

    Nick Postle Avatar
    Nick Postle

    Barry’ pawn and jewelry is awesome for all of your needs the customer service there 10 out of 10 theY... read more

    Steve Pierre Avatar
    Steve Pierre

    isaac rubin Avatar
    isaac rubin

    Highly recommended! This place has always treated me well, always gave me a fair deal, I'd never go anywhere else.... read more

    Bryan Carter Avatar
    Bryan Carter
  • Everything about my experiences here were amazing. I came here to buy my first chain. I was looking everywhere for... read more

    Erik Solomon Avatar
    Erik Solomon

    Wow this place is a hidden gem!! They have been in the area since the 80s and we had no... read more

    dean petitte Avatar
    dean petitte

    These guys have helped me out tremendously when I was in a time of need. They made the process easy... read more

    Niko Stephen Steel Avatar
    Niko Stephen Steel

    Josh is awesome. I'm so glad I met him. I will not use anyone else for my jewelry needs. Great... read more

    Jeff Jacobs Avatar
    Jeff Jacobs
  • This is not your typical pawn store. They are clean,friendly and knowledgeable. A store that is glad you... read more

    R. Gordon Avatar
    R. Gordon

    Love to shop here.Best people for much better results.Joseph Newman

    Joseph Newman Avatar
    Joseph Newman

    I met the Barry's Pawn family last year when I moved to the Boca area from Michigan and immediately felt... read more

    Susan Wilson Avatar
    Susan Wilson

    Amazing customer service and also great prices. Really helped me out and took their time like it wasn’t just a... read more

    Trevor Martin Avatar
    Trevor Martin
  • Great Watch repair and customer service Thanks again for your thoughtfulness

    Walter Kendrick Avatar
    Walter Kendrick

    Laurie Peterson Avatar
    Laurie Peterson

    Just had my watch repaired they did a great job.

    Lucas Pastor Avatar
    Lucas Pastor

    Great shop. Great guitar selection. Definitely recommend.

    Travis Morin Avatar
    Travis Morin
  • Absolutely amazing service. We had a custom emerald ring w/ platinum band made and the process was phenomenal from start... read more

    Shanee Moret Avatar
    Shanee Moret

    Barry’s Pawn and Jewelry shop is owned by the most amazing family. I recommend this place!! They are 100... read more

    Kelly Paton Avatar
    Kelly Paton

    These guys know there stuff,and family owned so there is a family feel not a business feel like some of... read more

    Jason Wong Avatar
    Jason Wong

    Hey guys had to leave early! It was a pleasure meeting you and your family. Doing business with you was... read more

    Kenneth Bertoni Avatar
    Kenneth Bertoni
  • Norma Gerton Avatar
    Norma Gerton

    Absolutely terrific. Very helpful. Pleasure to do business with.

    Roz Farbowitz Avatar
    Roz Farbowitz

    Syera Lokietz Avatar
    Syera Lokietz

    I have done business with Barry and his sons on numerous occasions over the past few years. I have had... read more

    Robert J. Denton Avatar
    Robert J. Denton


Barry’s got it!

Our customers are from a wide range of social, economic, and cultural backgrounds. Yet most everyone who comes to us returns again and again, and many have become our good friends. Simply put, we treat our clients like our own family members. Our customers have unique situations, so we adapt and find ways to help. We’re in this business because we care about people.

“This is why people keep coming back to us.”

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